• 700
  • The IP alliance for Beijing textile industry was set up recently.[Particular]

  • 47,519
  • As of now, there are cumulatively 47,519 patent agents in China, 19,931 of who are patent attorneys with a credential to operate.[Particular]

  • 2.3155 million
  • From July 1 to the end of October, the Guangzhou Customs detained 694 groups of 2.3155 million goods which were suspect of IP infringement[Particular]

  • Geographical indication products
  • As a column taking "geographical indication products" as main line, "words tell geographical indication products" tries to make readers grasp words in one minute and learn more information deeper into the products centering on one geographical indication product per edition.[Particular]

  • China's Didi Chuxing to launch s
  • Didi has been attacking autonomous driving with innovative spirit. The pilot scheme of self-driving vehicles will enable it to navigate its own path in this cutting-edge field.[Particular]

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